Saturday, 9 August 2008

Ok have found camera so i can show some of my wip. This one is 'A Bouquet for Cheryl'. Hazel gave me the fabric which is dyed Silkweaver, can't remember the shade but it's pretty and the thread is good old DMC Colour variations.

I've also done a little bit more on the Looylou design 'Ruby', I have to stitch this with my wits about me though as a lot of the stitches are new to me, hence the slow progress.

Gareth (my dh) and I went for a short break last week in our brand new caravan, I love it so much its only a two berth one so is just perfect for us. I decided to stitch a little pomander thing to hang in it whilst we were there, I filled it with lavender and its lovely.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Ok massive apologies for not writing anything sooner...I have my excuses at the ready though :) I have been having a bit of a tough time healthwise but God is good and I am feeling ok. Also on top of that I have had the threat of redundancy over my head for the last month, that seems to have worked out so I am currently safe in my job but for how long is anyones guess. I have been trying to find other work and its been quite difficult and stressful but I have had an interview in a Dr's surgery and am waiting to find out the results of that. It may be I will stay where I am, I don't know yet and need to pray to make the right decision. Things seem very uncertain right now. So after all that I haven't actually been stitching except bits and bobs here and there. I started 'A Bouquet for Cheryl' I know many of you have already completed that. Hazel H came round to do some stitching last night and it inspired me to pick it up again, I will post a picture when I can find the camera later!