Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Oh my goodness after all that I forgot my camera! If you go onto Hazels blog you will see more pics. It was extremely scary using scissors on a piece but I think the effect you get is really rather stunning and as we all got a marvelous design from Lynda Bodkin as our present involving all the new stitches we have learned I will definitely be doing it again.

Hazel and I are intending to get together to complete the design, our first night will be tomorrow - Wednesday, but as she's already further ahead than me I might have to have a sneaky stitch moment before then.....shhhhhh.

I'm just doing a little pinkeep at the mo, making it for a lovely lady at our church, she gave me a little present of a china bird the other week so I've carried on with the bird theme.

The chart was a little freebie from my aunts attic.
Bye for now.


Sally said...

Hope you enjoy your stitching evening with Hazel:) I can't wait to see this design progress.

Your pinkeep is looking lovely. I love the colours you're using.

Hazel said...

Eh I heard that!! That's a pretty design. She'll love it. xx

staci said...

Very pretty!

Carol R said...

Pretty birdie design Amanda!

Beatrice said...

They are both so pretty. I must say I like the Tante Zolder patterns they are always pretty and you can always find the right theme there!
Wow using scissors on the fabric must be scary...good for you it looks great!