Sunday, 8 June 2008

Oooh it worked if a bit skewed, well thats a start. Well this above is a little lavender filled pillow in honour of my gorgeous angel daughter Lauren otherwise known as Lolli or Lollipop whom i just adore....she really is an angel and thats saying something for a teen... (It must be God cos its definitely not the parents hee hee)

This is an idea I saw in a magazine that had it as a suggestion for using up some old buttons, I thought it was really simple and dead pretty, it looks cute hanging on the piano.

Well thats kinda it for now, I'm working on a victorian sampler and am just waiting for some threads to be delivered so I can start on Anita Ds Emery Collection. Was just saying to Hazel the other day its a bit of a nightmare when you first start a hobby cos you are starting from scratch with nothing and have to buy everything and it costs quite a lot (not in comparison to other hobbies I tell my hubbie :) ) Im starting to build up a little bit of a stash now and Hazel has been very good to me too. I'll just go find a piccie of my family then you can see us warts and all and then I'll say bye for now til next time.....

My Lolli & me behind a waterfall in sunny Tenerife, ooh how I wish I was back there it was gorgeous, mind you today has been nice here in England too, we've been relaxing after church in the sunshine...well I have, Gareths been mowing the grass!


Hazel said...

Woohoo pics hahahah. Okay some are lobsided but hey pics!! See how much stuff you've done. There's a lot there considering how long you've been doing it. xx

Dawn B. said...

Love both projects and family photos are great too. said...

Oooh, that pillow is so sweet. Lovely pictures!

Sally said...

Oooh I love both these pieces:) What a lovely idea for using up old buttons.

Lovely family photos. I have two teens and they are both angels compared to some:) Lol!

Beatrice said...

It's so very nice to meet you...It looks like you are hooked on blogging and stitching. We are an evil
This is a lovely place to meet people that have some interests in common.
Stay with us and you will be as addicted as I am!
Lovely photos! And nice stitching. Wow for a newbie you are doing great!!!