Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Well finally I am able to start on Anita D's Emery Collection as all my threads & ribbon have arrived so I'm happy about that, not sure when I will have the time though? Its coming up to the mad time of year when we have all the parades & fetes & festivals and as Kids Worker boy that means busy busy for me. We've just had our annual town parade and we entered a walking group. We dressed as animals and pushed along a huge Noahs Ark that the kids had made and decorated, the weather was kind to us and we had lots of fun. Got the 'One World Festival' coming up which for me means planning childrens activities for the day, crafts, face painting, biscuit decorating and the like. Lots of end of term stuff planning for me at the weekly kids club, parties etc. On top of that I'm studying a Bible College course from Hillsong International Leadership College and I'm behind on my assignments already...Aaargh!


I have still managed to do a little bit of stitching on my Victorian Sampler so thats good...

I've also finished a little banner I made for my mums birthday. I think she will really like it as she has no idea about my new hobby and used to love making things by hand herself when me & my little sis were kids. She's also a bit of a softie (like me) and is quite sentimental about stuff so I think she will appreciate the time and effort above the actual quality!!! Thought it would go nice with a lovely bunch of roses & freesia's which are mums favourite.

Thanks for leaving comments, I really appreciate it and I'm finding them hugely encouraging. If anyone has any tips for where I can improve or maybe some ideas for finishing or helpful web sites etc please do tell. I'm relying on you guys :)




Rowyn said...

This website is packed with finishing ideas and tutorials, and is put together by bloggers -

Love your Victorian Sampler, and the bell pull is great. I'm sure your Mum will love it.

Hazel said...

Very nice pics hun. Nice pic of you and Gareth too. xx

Sally said...

Your Victorian Sampler is looking beautiful and I love the gift you've made for your Mum:)

Carol R said...

Great start on your Victorian Sampler.

I am sure your mum will love the bell pull you have made for her it's very pretty

Beatrice said...

Things are looking very nice on your blog.
The Sampler is coming along wonderfully!
I like the rose for your Mom too!

staci said...

Your Victorian Sampler is sooo lovely!!! And what a wonderful gift for your mum, I'm sure she'll love it!

Vonna (the twisted stitcher) and Becky (beckybee's stitching hive) both have a lot of tutorials on their blogs :)