Monday, 6 October 2008

Hello again, I just received a couple of photo's from Sally of the biscournu I sent to her, cos I being a 'bear of little brain' forgot to take one. I stitched it with Carries Creations hand dyed floss Banana Split, which are really yummy colours. Here they are:

The theme was autumn and yeah I know 'Banana Split' (I think I was thinking with my tummy when I ordered that one!) doesnt sound very autumnal but when it came I thought that might turn out ok I think with the leafy design. I sent some little cones and leaves too, I'm a bit mad for cones I pick them up all the time, everywhere I go, got em all over my house, drives my hubbie potty!


Sally said...

Banana Split was a perfect colour choice for Autumn Amanda. I love it!

Hazel said...

It's really nice! You did an amazing job for your first exchange. xx

Anonymous said...

An amazing first exchange Amanda.

Dani - tkdchick said...

That biscornu is just gorgeous!!!

Beatrice said...

That is a stunning Biscornu...and it was your first WoW.
Good for you!
I love the colour..Banana split.