Sunday, 19 October 2008

Just for fun, here are a couple of piccies of me and my daughter in a fashion show last night. It was to raise money for the Ugandan orphanage and abandoned babies unit we support. It was fun to do, we had a great laugh putting on the ole makeup & fiddling with our hair, we all felt like real princesses for the evening, very beautiful, which is good cos in the eyes of God thats what everyone of you women are! I especially enjoyed wearing the genuine 1920's dress which was really pretty and sooooo not me. Me showing my legs no never, fortunately i had remembered to shave!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Hello again, I just received a couple of photo's from Sally of the biscournu I sent to her, cos I being a 'bear of little brain' forgot to take one. I stitched it with Carries Creations hand dyed floss Banana Split, which are really yummy colours. Here they are:

The theme was autumn and yeah I know 'Banana Split' (I think I was thinking with my tummy when I ordered that one!) doesnt sound very autumnal but when it came I thought that might turn out ok I think with the leafy design. I sent some little cones and leaves too, I'm a bit mad for cones I pick them up all the time, everywhere I go, got em all over my house, drives my hubbie potty!

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Hi there folks

I just took part in my first exchange. I was soooo nervous that my biscournu was not gonna be up to standard, you guys are so hard to follow! The very lovely Sally was my victim...I mean..recipient, she was really pleased with it so thats a huge relief. I forgot to take photo's though so thats a bit annoying, maybe Sally will email me one of hers.
I, of course, also received my biscournu. Mine came from Tracy and its beautiful. I love the detailing and all the little beads, she's used gorgeous colours too. I also got a little pattern and enough thread, beads & material to complete a matching scissor fob, so thank you very much for that Tracy. Photos below:-